12 Best Free Lms WordPress Themes In 2022

Updated: December 17, 2022

The most popular WordPress LMS content is the Moodle plugin. It is a free, open-source plugin that has been around for more than 10 years. Moodle was originally developed for educational institutions and universities but now it is used by many different types of organizations.

This plugin lets you create a learning environment with quizzes, discussions, blogs and much more. Moodle can be used to help students learn about anything from science to languages to business skills.

Another great WordPress LMS content is WooCommerce Learning Management System (LMS). This plugin lets you create courses, quizzes, exams and certificates all in one place. It integrates with many popular ecommerce platforms such as WooCommerce and Magento Commerce so that you can sell your courses online too!

What you will learn from WordPress LMS Plugin:

12 Best WordPress LMS Content for Online Learning

Why Does Your Business Need a WordPress LMS Plugin?

Many businesses are now turning to WordPress LMS plugins to help them create and deliver their online training courses. WordPress is a popular choice for many because it’s easy to use, affordable and has a huge community of developers and designers who can help with customizations.

WordPress LMS plugins offer businesses the most flexibility when it comes to designing their course curriculum, as well as how they want the course delivered. These plugins also allow you to easily integrate your content with third-party learning management systems like Moodle or Blackboard.

Top 12 WordPress LMS Plugins For eLearning Platforms

1. Online training

Learn Online Best WordPress LMS Themes Online

If you are looking for an easy way to create a complete eLearning website, there is no better option than online training. The theme comes with a handful of customization options like multiple color options, multiple widget settings, advanced typography, and more. It’s also lightweight, super-fast, and SEO-optimized.

Moreover, it tightly integrates with Masteriyo LMS plugins to create eLearning workspaces that users can benefit from. All in all, this free WordPress LMS theme makes no effort to make your e-learning website more visible and useful for learners.

Main characteristics

Beautifully designed and well coded.

Layout selection for Masteriyo training pages

Compatible with major browsers

Page builder support

mobile Friends

Price: Free

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2. online learning

eLearning LMS WordPress Theme

With eLearning, you can put your school online and manage it immediately. Since this WordPress LMS theme is very heavy, using it as a base for your site will make your students learn faster. You also get great design templates that are easily customizable. Moreover, it works well with Masteriyo LMS plugin. In fact, eLearning was designed to make it easier to convert Masteriyo. Together you get the best LMS solution for your site.

Main characteristics

Prepare Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Nice blog page

Responsive design

Good classroom layout

SEO Friendly

Price: Free

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3. Zakra

Zakra Online Course Theme Demo

Zakra is the only theme you need because it is the best and most versatile theme. It adapts to all websites and works equally well for all e-learning sites. It also integrates with Masteriyo LMS plugin for full LMS websites.

You can get your website up and running right away with pre-made online course demos. Also create an online school in sections like home, classroom, contact page, etc. in the form of a cake.

Main characteristics

Get a demo in one click

well-designed theme


Regular updates and good customer support

page load speed

Price: Free or $69/year

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4. Rector

President LMS WordPress Theme

Rector is a great WordPress LMS theme if you want to create and publish live, video or text courses in an easy and engaging way. In the same way, you can sell your education and get good results.

The context is created. So you can rest assured that the training is comprehensive for all devices. Plus, it’s easy, clean, and portable. The theme also comes with a fantastic page, a blog page and a single page to ensure that your LMS site is unique.

Main characteristics

Cross-browser compatibility

Seamless integration with Masteriyo LMS plugins

light and fast

multi-line layout

Provides basic demo content and Elementor demo

Price: Free

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5. MasterStudy

MasterStudy LMS Content Demo

Do you want a complete LMS solution in one place? Then MasterStudy is a good choice for you. Rich WordPress theme that lets you create e-learning websites in seconds.

The theme also features drip-feed content, allowing the release of the content in the allocated schedule. Likewise, advanced quiz functionality further enables you to set time-lapse, quiz scores, retake quizzes, and more. On top of that, you can even engage your learners with gamification and customizable points reward systems.

Key Features

Support major page builder plugins

WooCommerce payment gateway integration

Certificate builder

Translated to 8 languages

Support various lesson types

Pricing: $41 for Regular License

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WPLMS Best Themes for Online Learning

Built on cutting-edge technology, WPLMS is one of the best WordPress themes for an online learning school. Combined with the powerful LMS features, you can create beautiful classrooms without any hassle.

This theme also allows instructors to easily create interfaces and record incomplete courses based on notes. Likewise, it also has lots of pricing options like WooCommerce, EDD, MyCred, etc.

Main characteristics

Core Courses and Management Issues

custom editor

Multiple part types for easy part design

Integration of forum and live chat plugin

Save and track your progress

Price: $45 for standard license

Get WPLMS now!

7. Guru

Professional Online Course WordPress Theme

If you want to build a great e-learning website, there’s no better option than Guru. It is one of the best WordPress LMS themes that lets you create, manage and sell classes like a regular shipment.

Similarly, you can easily create classes and classes using visual pull-and-drop page design. The theme also integrates tightly with the powerful Sensei WordPress LMS plugin. This makes it easy to create a successful learning website.

Main characteristics

Mega menu selection

Compatible with WooCommerce plugins

Support Calendar

Profiles of professors and candidates

Compatibility with WordPress multilingual plugin (WPML)

Price: $59 for standard license

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8. Academia

College themed demo

Academia is an excellent WordPress LMS theme perfect for workplaces, schools, online courses and more. The theme is designed using the new HTML5 and CSS3 web templates. Creating a beautiful, fast and responsive website is therefore not a big deal.

Moreover, the advanced content options make it very easy to customize your website to your liking. Plus, integrating premium plugins like Visual Composer and Slider Revolution can save you a few extra bucks.

Main characteristics

Mega header and footer styles

One-click demo installation

3 class layout

Free and paid courses

Assessment course

Price: $60 for standard license

Meet Academia now!

9. BuddyBoss

BuddyBoss LMS WordPress Theme

Used by top e-learning websites such as Foundr Schools and Jay Shetty, BuddyBoss is the leader in WordPress content for e-learning. Thus, it is a complete WordPress admin solution for LMS classes.

Apart from providing users with a comprehensive understanding, BuddyBoss provides an excellent user experience. And the personalized learning dashboard gives students access to all the information they need at a glance.

Main characteristics

drip feed content

discussion forum

Drag and drop page builder integration

Advanced zoom integration

Support for popular plugins

Price: $205/year

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10. LMS

LMS Online Course WordPress Theme

LMS is one of the best e-learning WordPress themes designed specifically for online workshops, courses and classes, and more. The theme is compatible with the popular WordPress Sensei online course plugin, allowing you to create whatever course the website needs.

The class standards also provide search and selection options. Best of all, this topic also includes an unlimited set of questions to engage students.

Main characteristics

List of courses and grid view

Certificate and badge options

Cross-browser compatibility

Integrated into Form 7

Support for s2Member and WooCommerce

Price: $59 for standard license

Get your LMS now!

11. CBKit

Course Builder Kit The Best WordPress Theme for E-Learning

Do you need a good WordPress theme to create online courses? CBKit is what you are looking for. It is one of the most flexible WordPress content converters for online courses where you have control over all your courses. We also offer the best web design training to increase conversion rates.

Plus, managing your courses is super easy with the powerful WordPress core editor that supports videos, photos, and other media types. Moreover, there are also many ways to pay online and offline at your convenience.

Main characteristics

Many pre-created demos

Over 600 Google fonts supported

LMS Course Assessment

Unlimited layouts and templates

SEO optimized content

Price: $35 for standard license

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12. Skilled

Developed by WPBakery design pages, Skilled is one of the best e-learning WordPress themes. This theme lets you create a powerful eLearning platform with WordPress like Udemy, Lynda, Codeacademy, etc.

What’s interesting is that you can get many premium plugins with this theme, such as WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, Layer Slider, etc. So you can save a lot of money. Compatibility with all plugins and Skilled is also guaranteed.

Main characteristics

6 skin colors

Mega menu selection

Very alone

demo content

Gamification to have a relationship

Price: $60 for standard license

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What is WordPress and Why Does it Matter for Your Online Learning Courses?

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) which is used by more than 27% of the top 10 million websites. It is also used by many online learning platforms to manage their courses.

WordPress has been around for the last 15 years and it continues to grow in popularity. The reason behind its success is that it has a very powerful, flexible, and user-friendly interface. WordPress offers both free and paid themes, plugins, and extensions which can be installed with just a few clicks. These tools can help you create any type of website or online learning course that you want.

What is an LMS?

An LMS is an educational system software that facilitates the delivery of courses, content, and assessment.

An LMS can be used by both educators and learners. The learners can use it to learn a topic or skill by reading content, watching videos, doing exercises, taking tests and quizzes, collaborating with others in discussion boards or social media groups and so on. The educators can use it to create lessons, assign tasks to the learners, track their progress in the system, provide feedback and so on.

The Starter Pack of WordPress Plugins that Make it a Great Platform for Building E-learning Sites

WordPress is an excellent platform for building e-learning sites. The starter pack of WordPress plugins that we have compiled will make it even better.

WordPress is a popular content management system that is used by more than 25% of all websites on the internet. It has become the most popular CMS because it’s very easy to use, it’s free and open-source, and it’s highly customizable.

It offers a variety of plugins for e-learning website builders to choose from, which makes WordPress an excellent platform for building e-learning sites.

The starter pack of WordPress plugins that we have compiled will make WordPress even better as an e-learning platform:

How to Optimize Your Courses in an LMS with These Helpful Tips

Course design is a key component of any LMS. This can help make the course more engaging, interactive and easier to use for students. With these helpful tips, you can optimize your courses in an LMS and make them more effective.

Why WordPress is the Ideal Solution Over Other CMS Systems

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the web. It is free and open source, which means that it is also highly customizable. This makes WordPress a great choice for LMS content because it can be tailored to your specific needs.

WordPress has a huge amount of plugins available which can be used to build an LMS system. There are some plugins that are specifically designed for LMS systems, while others are just general purpose plugins but can still be used to create an LMS system with a little tinkering.

Installing and configuring the WP Courseware Plugin

The WP Courseware plugin is a free plugin that can be installed on WordPress sites to create and manage online courses.

The installation process for the WP Courseware plugin is similar to any other WordPress plugin. To install the plugin, you need to upload the zip file or click on the “Install Now” button in your WordPress dashboard. After installing the plugin, visit Settings -> WP Courseware to configure it.

Which WordPress LMS Content is Right For Your Business?

This article will explore the three most popular WordPress LMS content management systems, and their benefits and drawbacks.

We’ll start by looking at the three most popular WordPress LMS content management systems: WPMU DEV, LearnDash, and WooCommerce.

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