16 Best Crm For Mac, Iphone, Ipad & Different Apple Ios Software 2023

Updated: June 2, 2023

With Zoho CRM you can get a 360-degree view of your corporation, track essential sales and advertising alternatives, and enhance conversion charges. With greater than one hundred fifty,000 prospects globally, Zoho CRM is one of the most popular tools on this list. Salesforce is probably certainly one of the most famous names on this list and has more than one million users worldwide.

crm software used by apple

HubSpot CRM (Best free CRM software for Mac) (Review) HubSpot CRM is an all-in-one CRM designed for Mac users.

HubSpot CRM helps you to easily track leads, manage your sales team and track all of your customer interactions. It also helps you to easily manage team members and clients. It provides great CRM features for Mac users.

It is a very well-built iOS app with good functionality on iPad and iPhone.

CRM software that works with G Suite and Microsoft Office.

Integration with other apps through Zapier: It makes it easy to share reports and data from several different apps. Examples are Google Sheets, Slack, and Facebook Lead Ads.

HubSpot CRM is free, so you can get started quickly. In addition, paid add-on packages for HubSpot CRM feature advanced analytics and reporting features.

Limited options for customizing the system.

It offers many of the basic CRM tools, but you will need to purchase Sales Hub or one of the other add-on packages to really make the most of its functionality.

HubSpot CRM is completely free, and even works with Apple Mail.

CRM Suite Starter starts at $45 per month, and the premium CRM suites start at $700 per month, and the premium CRM suites start at $4,000 per year.

CRM Suite Professional costs $1,600 per month (billed annually) and CRM Suite Enterprise costs $4,000 per month (billed annually).

CRM Suite Enterprise costs from $4,000 per month and is billed annually.



Daylite is a great free CRM software for Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Daylite is a great CRM for Mac users, with features that are specifically designed for iPhone and iPad users. Daylite offers many different tools, including CRM features and project management tools. It works well for all departments. It isn’t just for sales and marketing. Departments across the organization can use it to keep tabs on what’s going on with a project for a client.

There are fewer barriers between customer-facing tasks and internal tasks.

Daylite Mail Assistant integrates with Apple Mail, which is something very few other platforms do.

Daylite offers lots of options for users to easily add their own personal features to their day to day work tasks. You can create different categories to help you organize and tag your contacts, customers, projects and offers. It allows you to create reports that are flexible and easy to create — and even manage admin and user permissions.

Mac users will love that it works with other apps like Calendar, Contacts and even Siri.

Daylite has only one plan, but it offers a lot of great features that give you a lot of control over your business.

There is very little pricing flexibility here, and there are less options for customizing features and plans.

Here, there is one problem with CRM software that’s meant to be a CRM and Project Management app for Apple users.

Daylite is available as a monthly subscription for $39.99 per user.



Zoho CRM (Great CRM system for iOS) Good iOS app with good functionality on iPad and iPhone. Zapier integration makes it easy to share information across apps.

Zoho CRM is easy to use, with a simple user interface that allows small businesses to manage their own customers easily. It has many customizable features, including workflows, and social media features.

It lets you define workflows and streamline everyday tasks and it lets you take advantage of advanced analytics to help you analyze what your customers are really thinking.

CRM and Mail apps for iPhones and iPads allow for easy, mobile-friendly business tasks.

Data porting features allow you to import contacts and other information from spreadsheets into Zoho, making the transfer from one platform to another very simple.

Integration with Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. It allows you to easily reach out to customers and engage with them.

Zoho CRM doesn’t provide personalized lead tracking or email notifications, which can be limiting if you rely on one-on-one sales and marketing engagement.

Prices for additional features are usually higher than the basic CRM software you buy, so as your business grows, your costs can increase.

Zoho CRM has a free version for small businesses.

Starter plan is $14 per user/month billed annually; monthly plans are typically $30 per user/month.

Standard plans are $23 per user/month billed annually.

It costs about $40 per user/month if you are managing more than 100 people.

The enterprise version of Pipedrive is more expensive. It is $52 per user/month, billed annually.

Pipedrive is the best CRM for Mac for large companies.

Pipedrive is a highly flexible and results-oriented CRM that allows you to create multiple sales pipelines that are tailored to a particular product or service.

Reminders, notifications, and follow-up alerts help you stay on task.

IOS app for calling, managing contacts, and more.

Customize fields and workflows to suit your individual business processes.

Low learning curve speeds up the process of implementing CRM systems.

The app does not have an internal email platform, so you’ll have to use the app’s Mailchimp integration.

Pipedrive Dealbot integrates with Slack, giving you a heads-up when a sale is identified, won, or lost; but you will lose messages easily if you use Slack as a standard chat app.

Essential plan is $49.95 per user/month billed annually. The Advanced plan is $49.95 per user/month, billed annually.

Advanced plan users will be charged $24.90 per user per month, payable annually.

The Standard plan is $23.90 per user/month billed annually; the Professional plan is $49.90 per user/month billed annually.

Enterprise plans cost $99 per user/per month, billed annually.


Zendesk Sell is a good CRM for sales teams on the Mac. It offers great features for handling sales calls and emailing leads.

Zendesk Sales is useful for prospecting, selling, and converting leads by providing timely sales interventions and customer service follow-ups.

Sales automation allows sales people to spend time doing more important things.

Set triggers that alert you when you get a new lead, a new deal, or an incoming deal. This gives your entire team a heads-up and a chance to share information, so there are fewer meetings and fewer cross-wires.

Lead prioritization capabilities and tools like lead funnels, lead forms, custom emails, and sales lead management tools allow you to gain insight into the behavior of leads.

Mobile sales app that gets the job done for you.

Some users report that some of the pages load slowly and that some of the data entry tasks that are automatically done can cause problems.

Pricing for entry-level plans for startups or small businesses may be too high.

Sell Team is a great CRM for small and mid-size businesses.

Sell Professional is $49 per user/per month billed annually for 10 users.

Sell is available as a subscription that costs $49 per user/per month (billed annually); Sell Enterprise is available for $99 per user/per month (billed annually).


Freshsales (Great sales software for iPhone users)

Freshsales by Freshworks makes it easy to implement critical business features like lead management, email management, and pipeline management.

Lead capture automatically grabs leads from email messages. You can then sort out your own lead scoring criteria to better understand which leads are important and who are likely to convert (it’s possible to set custom organizational parameters for each lead type).

Get all the customer info and track your pipeline with the Sales Manager iPhone app.

There’s a free forever plan that gives you access to all the data you need, including your customers, prospects, and deals; it’s hidden, however; at the end of that period, you’ll be asked if you’d like to stay with the free, no-frills version of the software (and it will not let you change the plan).

There will be a significant learning curve when you start to use more advanced features in Freshsales.

Sorting and filtering data is not as intuitive as it could be.

Freshsales offers a free version of its software.

Growth plan is $15 per user/per month, billed annually. Pro plan is $49 per user/per month, billed annually. Enterprise plan is $99 per user/per month, billed annually.

Pro plan is $39/user/per month, billed annually. Enterprise plan is $69/user/per month, billed annually.

Bitrix24 Enterprise is $69 per user/per month, billed each year.


Bitrix24 is one of the best CRM software for businesses that want to work together; it also allows other people to work on the same lead.

Bitrix24 is a powerful CRM that lets you manage all the data that you need to help your sales team work together more effectively.

Allows you to create unlimited user accounts and group members, and it lets you run an HR department so that employees can easily access the information that they need.

IPhone app that features a mobile-optimized version of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM software, which gives you access to all your customers, leads, companies, and products, plus project and task management tools.

Bitrix24 offers a free CRM that lets you manage up to 12 users and gives you access to important features like a help desk, task and lead management, and project management tools. It’s actually the most popular free CRM in the world.

The UI is a bit cluttered, which can affect how users navigate through the app (and in fact, your company should avoid it).

There are some limitations on how you can customize the system.

Bitrix24 has a free version. There are several paid plans, which give you the ability to manage up to six users and up to 5 GB of storage.

Basic is $39 per month; it is billed every year.

Standard starts at $50 per month, billed annually. Professional starts at $159 per month, billed annually.

Professional plans start at $159 per month, billed annually.


Copper is a good CRM for Mac for Google users.

Copper allows you to quickly enter information in a single touch on your computer, and enables you to optimize sales leads and opportunities. This is a great overview of the features that make Copper CRM great.

Native integration with Google Apps means you can import all the tools you use every day, like your email or other G Suite accounts.

IOS app with great UX and is a visual sales process manager that allows you to easily manage your sales process based on your existing sales pipeline.

Uses drag-and-drop functionality to create reports on how deals are progressing and how teams are performing; and allows users to set filters and be notified when certain tasks are getting to the point where they are going to become too tedious.

Offers an appealing sales pipeline to make it easy to manage leads and close sales deals.

Despite its excellent user experience, there is a moderate learning curve involved. Schedule some time to make sure that the features are learned properly.

There may be some issues when you import Excel data into Copper, so you may have to manually enter the information.

Basic plan costs $25 per user per month, billed annually.

The Professional Plan costs $59 per month and you pay it per user.

Business plan is $119/month per user, billed annually.


Insightly is a CRM app for Mac that allows sales teams to easily manage all kinds of details such as leads and customers.

Insightly is a user-friendly CRM system that lets you organize contacts, communications, projects, sales and documents in a single system.

Provides many different ways to manage and store customer data, including custom fields for data capture, display, and validation.

Users can create their own custom fields to help collect and organize data based on their specific business needs. Fields can include specific information such as customer types, subscriptions, contract renewal dates, and billing ID numbers.

Integration between CRM tools, which makes it easy to handle customer contacts and track potential sales leads.

Insightly is a simple extension to Google Chrome that allows you to save messages from your Gmail in a CRM, so you can quickly and easily access contact information.

Sometimes, Google Calendar sync can be glitchy and not show up in the calendars of other team members.

Adding custom fields to a contact is capped at 25.

Insightly offers a free plan for two users who need to be connected easily.

Plus costs $29 per user, per month, and is billed annually.

Professional is $49 per user/per month, billed annually. Enterprise is $99 per user/per month, billed annually.

Enterprise accounts are priced at $99 per user per month, billed each year.


Gro CRM is also the best app for iOS app users.

Gro CRM helps companies with a wide range of processes, including sales, lead management, tracking deals, invoicing, and much more.

CRM built specifically for iOS, Watch, and iPad, so it offers fantastic mobile features and an intuitive user interface.

Integrated email app converts prospects into leads and customer contact lists, which saves you time and allows you to show up in people’s inboxes more easily.

It’s not available on Apple devices yet; that may be a big deal for some teams who want to work both off-site and at the office.

Users pay $14.99 per user/per month for the Lite plan; it’s billed annually.

Basic plan is just $19.99 per user, per month; plans are billed annually.

Plan for professional users is $39 per user/per month, billed annually.


Odoo CRM is one of the best CRM tools that runs on macOS; see the full comparison below.

Odoo CRM is great for managing leads and sales forecasting, and it allows you to add and remove different features to suit your needs.

Open source Odoo CRM plugs into the 10,000+ apps that the vendor makes available, and these apps are configured to integrate seamlessly with one another.

Odoo mobile app for iOS allows you to easily access your existing CRM data and other Odoo features.

Odoo Retail Point of Sale is very useful, and the data that it collects can be easily integrated into other Odoo products. It can also be used to automate your inventory management processes, as well as your marketing emails.

Odoo CRM is a fairly complex product; you’ll have to take a lot of time to learn it and start using it to avoid having problems later.

Invoicing is a bit more complicated than necessary (you need to create a quote, then place an order to get an invoice).

Support depends on other app community members, so it is not always the fastest route to resolve problems.

Odoo CRM plans start at $24 per user/per month and are billed annually.


Agile CRM is a good CRM tool for Mac for small businesses.

Agile CRM enables you to manage leads, customers, and vendors easily, and it can also help you manage customers via email and web tracking.

Feed your appointments calendar into Agile CRM and the app will automatically schedule all of your upcoming calls and follow-ups.

You can attach documents to deals, companies, contacts, and emails from within Salesforce.

Agile CRM (Best free sales CRM for small businesses) Agile CRM offers a free, fully featured sales CRM for up to 10 users.

Price increases significantly as you upgrade from one version to another, which may cause problems as your company grows.

Mobile app for iOS is clunky and could use a good redesign.

Agile CRM offers a free CRM for up to 10 users.

You can start with a paid version of Agile CRM for $9.99 per user/month, and pay annually for a full version.

Plan costs you $9.99 per user/month, billed annually.

Enterprise plan starts at $64.99 per user/month, billed annually.


Pipeliner (An excellent customer relationship management system for the Mac)

Pipeliner was designed to help sales teams with complex sales processes by enabling them to make timely and effective calls and messages.

Sales teams can easily access opportunities and see where they are in the sales process, as well as tasks that are completed and pending.

You can create, import and save documents and collaborate with other users from within the app.

IPhone app that includes account, contact, lead, and task management features.

Sometimes wrong opportunities are generated, and you have to manually remove them.

Despite being good software, the support and documentation are only available in English, which is a big dealbreaker for non-Anglophone companies.

Starter plan is $65 per user/per month, billed annually. The regular plan is $89 per user/per month, billed annually.

It costs $85 per user/per month, and customers are billed each year at the same rate.

Enterprise plan is $65 per user/per month, billed annually. Unlimited plan is $150 per user/per month, billed annually.

Unlimited users for a single company is $150 per user/per month, billed annually.


SugarCRM for iPhones, iPads and other iOS devices.

SugarCRM provides a robust CRM solution for managing your business’s marketing, sales and customer service activities. It enables team members to easily share relevant and useful information.

It allows you to easily map customer journeys to find the right messaging for each customer, and to automate complex business processes like lead routing and quote approval using drag-and-drop flowcharts.

Good mobile app for managing sales, making calls and sending SMS and emails.

The customer support at these vendors is very responsive, which is great for startups that need answers quickly and issues resolved quickly.

There are a lot of people using SugarCRM, so you can connect with other startups and discuss how their systems work.

SugarCRM has been open-sourced by many developers for several years, so it has a moderate learning curve.

It requires at least 10 people on your team to use SugarCRM, which makes it not suitable for very small companies.

Sugar Market charges about $1,000 per month, which you pay each year.

Sugar Sell is priced at $80 per user/month, billed annually.

Sugar sells you products and services at the rate of $80 per user/month billed annually.

Sugar Enterprise plans start at $85 per user/per month and are billed annually.

Sugar Pro plan costs $52 per user/month and is billed annually.


FreeAgent (Good CRM system with good Google and Microsoft integration)

FreeAgent records interactions with customers across various channels and automatically stores and updates customer data across these channels.

Uses a feature called Composer, which allows you to tailor the software to your startup’s workflow and business requirements.

FreeAgent supports many of the popular apps that you already use, including Gmail, Twilio, Google Calendar, and Outlook, and supports two-way emailing with MailChimp.

It might be a deal-breaker for some companies, given that some users spend a lot of money on the first and second plans.

The basic plan is $35 per user/per month, and is billed annually.

Admin plan is $40/user per month; professional plan is $75/user per month; billed annually.

If you need all the people in your organization to use SugarCRM, you’ll pay $100 per user/per month to get started.


Maximizer CRM (A CRM app that helps you manage contacts and leads).

Maximizer CRM has an integrated sales and service platform, plus a full set of marketing and service features.

Maximizer is an intelligent address book where all your contact info is readily accessible; it allows you to group people based on their role, their industry or even their location, and allows you to upload and store documents.

Multiple-step solutions can be standardized and reused as templates; there are also triggers that allow you to create custom alerts and notifications.

Support does not always respond very quickly to customer issues.

UX is functional, but it could be updated. Small office plan is just $29 per user/per month billed annually.

Small office plan costs only $29 per user per month, billed annually.

Business plan is $49 per user/per month; it will cost you $85 per year.

The Insights Plan is $89 per user/per month, billed each year.

crm software used by apple

Extensive task management to create and assign duties to totally different group members. Most of the features come on the Growth plan, except email sequences, permissions and custom dashboards. The Enterprise plan is for people who need enterprise degree assistance. Ad management tools to track ROI across paid campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on. Sales Pipeline Data – Sales leaders can view their complete sales pipeline with insights into sales activity and individual performance. If revenue and relationships are the two most vital components in your small business, then Salesmate is my suggestion for you.

Best Crm For Mac, Iphone, Ipad & Different Apple Ios Software

There are three paid plans starting from $8.99 and ranging as a lot as $47.99 per consumer per month. Engagebay is a cloud-hosted CRM that integrates all business processes and functions like sales, advertising, and finances on to a single platform. On top of that, the software primarily focuses on automation for max effectivity.

  • This means that no matter what platform you may be using, you’ll get precisely the identical experience.
  • With Zoho CRM you might get a 360-degree view of your corporation, track important sales and advertising opportunities, and enhance conversion rates.
  • While many small businesses use different CRM methods for varied makes use of, it’s a great practice to use a single one.
  • Your CRM ought to nurture your leads via the complete sales pipeline, from lead to shut.

This is the more conventional model and is commonest with on-premise applications and with larger businesses. A forum the place Apple prospects help each other with their products. Rob writes primarily concerning the payments business, but in addition brings to the desk industry-specific knowledge of CRM software, business loans, fulfilment, and invoice finance. When not exasperating his editor with dangerous puns, he may be found enjoyable in a sunny (socially-distanced) nook, with a beer and a battered copy of Dostoevsky. You have to find a way to speak to them in their own language, avoiding jargon and utilizing phrasing that can resonate with them.

Widespread Crm Problems And Solutions

The provides that seem on the net site are from software companies from which CRM.org receives compensation. This compensation may influence how and the place products appear on this website . This website does not include all software corporations or all out there software companies offers.

crm software used by apple

Sales sequences permit you to create automated playbooks for any stage of the sales cycle. Visual Sales Pipelines – You can arrange your pipeline and create customized phases by rep or group member. With a free 14-day trial, you possibly can explore all of Monday.com’s features to see if it’s an excellent fit in your company. Opportunity Management – You can shut more deals by identifying the perfect opportunities with the ‘opportunity management’ module. Mac computers have significantly advanced over the years gone by, eclipsing their PC counterparts left and proper, almost at each flip.

List Of Best Mac Crm Software

Scouring the online, one comes across very few Mac based CRM and Sales Force Automation choices to evaluate. Some in‑app purchases, together with subscriptions, may be shareable with your beloved ones group when Family Sharing is enabled. Gro CRM in-app subscriptions are charged to your iTunes account and auto-renew every month until disabled in your iTunes Account Settings a minimal of 24 hours earlier than the tip of the present period.

Keap keeps track of Sales and Marketing automation, CRM, Sales pipeline, payments, reporting and analytics, appointments and e mail advertising. There is a basic free Hubspot free plan however you have to purchase add-ons for reporting tools, AI, and advanced automation features. The fact is that almost all of CRM tools available on the market now are SaaS Cloud based solutions.

Crm For Apple Mac

Pipeline Management – Picks the proper offers and activities to decide out and follow-up on a day by day or weekly basis and see how shut you would possibly be to closing a deal. Extensive vary of third-party integrations, such as Gmail, Outlook, HubSpot, Mailchimp, and extra. Segmentation – helps you keep organized by segmenting your contacts into lists to take numerous actions. Manage consumer contact information, appointments, duties, notes and files multi function centralized location. Build a solid client rapport to maintain visibility and maintain your pipeline full. A staff e mail and conversations inbox for entry to all messages in one place.

  • Also you possibly can call, SMS and even e mail your contacts proper from the App.
  • Google Analytics uses the data to create summaries of website activity.
  • – to ensure its prospects have an experience, somewhat than simply make a purchase.
  • This bit of news goes alongside Salesforce’s redesigning of their mobile CRM app to be native to iOS.

» Our score relies on person satisfaction (reviews & ratings), social media buzz, online presence, and other related information. A Web-based CRM system also requires a smaller upfront investment. Since the software isn’t put in or maintained on your organization’s premises, you won’t have to dedicate assets to an inside IT workers. Moreover, most Web-based techniques are offered on a subscription basis and may be licensed for a more reasonably priced monthly fee.

Autocad 2023 For Mac Released

With the utilization of it, you possibly can replace your notes, tasks, contacts, accounts, and leads conveniently. And if you’re an enterprise business, learn my reviews of the best ERP softwareor the best ecommerce platforms to run your online business. Every business is completely different, and there are different ways a company can segment their sales funnel.

Daylite is a tremendous, easy on the eye buyer and project CRM software designed specifically for Mac and iOS units. Unlike tools like Daylite and OnePage CRM, Pipeline additionally contains tools for sales reporting and sales forecasting plus web varieties for lead era. As the name suggests, Pipedrive is all about giving high visibility to your sales pipeline so you can carry on top of the sales course of.

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Work smarter, be extra productive and win extra business with our straightforward to use CRM app for Apple iOS devices. Deducting from the fact the Apple all the time chooses to personal its products and processes utterly, therefore they are not utilizing third-party CRM software. They’ll both have a custom CRM or ERP constructed for them or they create it in-house. With an Apple ID, users can find their devices, private objects, friends and families, Mac, Airpods and Apple watch on iCloud. It provides customers the power to search and recuperate their stolen items shortly.

crm software used by apple

You can start using a Capsule Professional plan now at no cost and check out it for 30 days to see what you think. If it’s not on this list, you can even construct your own add-on with the Capsule REST API. Really Simple Systems CRM has a limited free model for 2 people though it is limited to 100 company accounts and 100MB of storage.

Compare All Crm Software For Mac

No matter what your corporation does, you’ll want to make sure your workspace is totally geared up to handle your workflow. Products like phone techniques, photocopiers, security systems, and even coffee machines, can guarantee your business runs as easy as attainable. From finding monetary assist to organising payroll and signing up with a gasoline and electricity provider, getting all your operations so as can really feel like a frightening process.

Because the expertise resonates with their wants, it’s like it was handmade for his or her particular wants. The extraordinary concept of their shops is essentially the most exact expression of their passion for patrons. This has morphed their shops into a place of connection and bonding with other Apple lovers. Those golden phrases by Steve Jobs sum up the key of Apple’s unprecedented growth over time. Apple’s imaginative and prescient was clear from day one – “to make the best merchandise on earth.” They aren’t in the business of constructing products but creating experiences through their products. The easiest approach to find out which Mac-friendly CRM works for you is, after all, comparability shopping.

How To Put In Windows On Mac Without Boot Camp

This website accommodates person submitted content, feedback and opinions and is for informational functions solely. Apple disclaims any and all liability for the acts, omissions and conduct of any third events in connection with or associated to your use of the location. All postings and use of the content material on this web site are topic to the Apple Support Community Terms of Use. Whether you’re launching a new business or seeking to develop your present one – you want a approach to stand out.

crm software used by apple

You have to look to the lengthy run, to monitor shopper trends, and design your products so they’ll still be relevant within the years to come back. Whether you buy into its merchandise or not, Apple’s pull is simple. Also fuelling Apple’s commanding customer retention scores is its stellar technical help. The company has built one of the most enduring, exciting, and enigmatic manufacturers of all time. We’re a dedicated team of in-house editors, writers and researchers who’re keen about serving to businesses find the solutions they need. For those with sales employees on the transfer or out in the area, it also includes a complementary iPad and iPhone app which permits you to do every little thing that’s possible on Mac.


E-Mails sent with Apple Mail are routinely linked to the proper contact in your CRM. This makes conversations along with your purchasers simply understandable and transparent, even months or years later. This net based software can best be characterized by less complexity and extra usability.

crm software used by apple

All four paid plans, the ‘Standard,’ ‘Professional,’ ‘Enterprise’, and ‘Ultimate’ cost $14, $23, $40, and $52 per user per month . Salesforce offers a selection of products; therefore, the prices might range. However, the subscription plans start at $25 per consumer per month, and the most costly plan costs $1,250 per consumer per thirty days .

Microsoft Excel Now Works Natively On M1 Macs

The CRM software is designed to offer business house owners a platform to optimize their relationships and contacts with their customers and business partners. Every such program should be easy to use and may make it easy to cater to the person needs of every customer. Businesses across industries and regardless of measurement rely upon CRM software to effectively manage all interactions between their business and customers, each current and future.

crm software used by apple

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