5 Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Options That Are Actually Good 2022

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Updated: December 29, 2022

Get a cheap dedicated server for your business.

I was spending too much on my shared hosting. I switched to a dedicated server and now my costs are only $3/month!

There are many reasons to choose a cheap dedicated server over a more expensive option. For one, a dedicated server provides a higher level of performance than a shared server. This is because a dedicated server is not sharing its resources with other websites.

Secondly, a dedicated server is more secure than a shared server. This is because a dedicated server is not sharing its resources with other websites, so there is less of a chance that your website will be hacked.

Finally, a dedicated server is more flexible than a shared server. This is because you have full control over the server, so you can customize it to fit your specific needs.

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5 Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Options That Are Actually Good

Cheap dedicated server hosting is a great way to get a web site up and running without having to go through the hassle of setting up your own server. However, there are some cheap dedicated server hosting providers that actually offer a good service. These cheap dedicated server hosts can be a bit of a pain to find, but they do exist and we’re going to tell you where to find them

Cheap dedicated server hosting is a great way to get a website up and running quickly. Many people use it to start their websites quickly. It is also a good option for people who want to make their own website. However, cheap dedicated server hosting does come with some drawbacks. One major drawback is that it is a lot of work to get cheap dedicated server hosting up and running. You have to buy a server and you have to install various software. This can take a long time. Another problem with cheap dedicated server hosting is that you usually don’t know much about the person who is selling it to you. If the person is offering cheap dedicated server hosting as an investment, they may be trying to sell you a bad product.

The Top 5 Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosts Are:

Bluehost – $79.99/month
GoDaddy – $95.98/month
InMotion – $105.69/month
HostGator – $118.99/month
iPage – $119.99/month


#1. Bluehost: $79.99/monthBest And Cheap Dedicated Server

Bluehost was named the ‘best value for money’ hosting provider in our ranking of the best dedicated hosting providers – but how does its Standard plan compare to the cheap plans offered by other hosting companies?

Bluehost scores well in terms of features – they have very high uptimes of 99.99% and plenty of free space if you want to add lots of content to your website – but it’s a bit expensive. Bluehost has great uptime that averages 99.98%, second only to much more expensive hostgators – and offers decent storage space, too.

Help and support is where Bluehost really shines: they have several ways to help you. You can contact the Bluehost support team at any time – and there are a number of different ways that you can do that. Sometimes it’s easy to neglect help and support; you’ll regret doing that when your website goes down and there’s no one to help you.

What’s the downside to Bluehost’s Standard plan? There’s only one server in the US, so it will take longer for users to load your site if they travel outside of the US. Bluehost only gives you 5TB of bandwidth – which is quite low if you have a sudden surge in traffic.


#2. GoDaddy: $95.98/month

Best Cheap Dedicated Server Reddit

GoDaddy’s Economy plan may be the second cheapest dedicated hosting plan on our list, but it’s not one that we recommend. The renewed price is outrageously high at $226.98/month – you’re not getting the features or support that you’d like.

GoDaddy is the only provider on this list to not offer a 30-day money back guarantee with its dedicated hosting plans. That means you’re making a very big commitment by signing up with them. You get some good storage space with the Economy plan, with 1TB of it, but you’ll need to pay more for backups, and the uptime guarantee is a disappointing 99.97%. You’d expect a lot more for the money you pay.

Cheap Webhosting Can Also Be Good Hosting!

Despite its incredibly low pricing, it doesn’t sacrifice any essential features. Hostinger’s entry-level plan includes everything you need to start your first website. At $1.99/month, you get more features than you would with other, pricier hosting providers.

#3. InMotion: $105.69/month

Best Cheap Dedicated Servers

InMotion is the third most affordable provider of dedicated server hosting with a plan that starts at $105.69 per month. InMotion is fairly affordable, but when it comes to hosting value, it can’t compete with cost-rich hosts like Bluehost.

Actually, it shouldn’t be as good as that. The Essential plan is about average, as far as affordable dedicated hosting plans go.

One big positive? InMotion offers six dedicated hosting plans – more than any other host on this list! InMotion offers six dedicated hosting plans – more than any other host featured on this list. This means that you can easily upgrade your plans as you need them. It’s really easy to upgrade your hosting as your website grows, and with the many different options you have, you’ll never be stuck paying for more hosting than you need.

#4. HostGator: $118.99/month

Buy A Cheap Dedicated Server

HostGator may not be the winner for the most affordable dedicated hosting plan, but we certainly recommend it – and for good reason. HostGator’s Value plan is the cheapest dedicated server hosting option they have available – but does it live up to its name?

HostGators value plans are definitely worth having, with some really great features. HostGator offers the highest uptime guarantee of any hosting provider – with 99.99% uptime – and since it’s almost impossible to achieve 100% uptime, this is as good as you can hope for.

The amount of storage you get with the value plan is great, with 1TB of disk space available. HostGator offers unmetered bandwidth, and we also give them a perfect score for their help and support. That combination makes it really reliable and good value.

You can lock in the $118.99/month price for up to 3 years, and you get your money back guarantee for as long as 30 days – that’s like winning the lottery!

#5. iPage: $119.99/month


We’ve previously branded iPage the ‘cheap and cheerful’ hosting provider, but unfortunately, when it comes to dedicated server hosting, it really can’t compete in terms of either features or price.

Let’s start with the uptime guarantee. iPage guarantees an uptime of only 99.94% – the lowest of any provider featured here. The difference between 99.99% and 99.94% may not sound like a lot, but when you think that each 0.01% equates to around four hours a year, it suddenly feels a whole lot more significant.

Combine that with only two CPU cores, 4GB of RAM, and one server location (US) on the cheapest iPage dedicated hosting plan (‘Startup’), and you’ve got a recipe for a potentially slow and unreliable website.

 Other low-cost dedicated server hosting packages

There are some very good dedicated server hosting providers available in the web hosting industry, and the top five brands listed below all perform very well.

There are some major differences between these two hosts, including higher prices on some of their introductory plans. Other factors include the managed or unmanaged services that are included with the package of dedicated server hosting services.

We prioritize performance and cost efficiency when screening the best of the rest dedicated server hosting providers.

Quality and resources aren’t lacking at most of the leading web hosting brands, but be cautious when you are considering making a long-term commitment if you haven’t previously used their hosting services.

Choose a 1-month trial package to test a managed or unmanaged dedicated server without paying a large upfront payment.


Best Minecraft Server Hosting

Buy it and it will automatically connect to your cheap hosting. If you notice that Shared hosting is not enough for your needs, you can easily upgrade your hosting plan through your account. Simply choose another web hosting option from our range and cover the upgrade fee – no downtime or traffic loss guaranteed. All of our VPS hosting services are safely partitioned by specific software, which guarantees top-notch protection.

cheap server hosting

Hostinger will get you the best of Minecraft hosting plan without an advanced server setup knowledge. Reliable shared web hosting for a price that’s hard to beat. Host your website with Hostinger and don’t worry about unpleasant surprises, like hidden fees or bad service. All our VPS plans come with a user-friendly control panel for easy management. Keep track of all your resources live through the dashboard, and make necessary adjustments as you go. Enjoy the flexibility of VPS solutions and have full control over your operating system.

Best For Customer Service

HostHavoc offers one of the best Minecraft hosting services across the Us, Canada, Europe, and Australia. It uses SSDs to runs its Minecraft server for faster performance and quicker loading. The Minecraft hosting is a Minecraft server hosting site that provides various hosting options according to your budget, location, and usage. That said, $115.69 per month goes a long way with InMostion.

Is Firebase hosting cheap?

The average YouTube channel can receive around $18 per 1,000 ad views, which equals around $3 to $5 per video view, according to data from Influencer Marketing Hub. The number of views you get doesn’t correlate to revenue earned.

The price and configuration for the Minecraft Hosting server vary for each hosting service provider. If you opt for monthly payments, the cheapest Liquid Web dedicated server will cost you $199 per month. However, for that money, you’ll have the best server configuration we’ve seen so far with a base plan, as well as managed hosting services. On paper, Liquid Web handily beats all the other cheap dedicated server hosting options we’ve seen so far. Unfortunately, its basic plan only comes down to our target budget if you’re willing to pay for a two-year contract.

Free Mysql Database

Their experience with Minecraft allows them to offer some good suggestions, and this is a good place to go for specialized Minecraft hosting. If you are hosting players from around the world then there’s not much you can do about this. However, if you are hosting in a more localized context (perhaps for players in a specific country/region) then choose a web host with servers in or near that area. Some web hosts will offer SSD-based server software while storing your data on regular storage. This is different from offering a full SSD solution where everything is stored on SSD. If you plan on hosting large scale battles and you want top-tier performance, Streamline Servers is the Squad server provider for you.

Which hosting is paid hosting?

In India, a Youtuber earns between Rs 7000 and Rs 30000 per million views on average. Also, the earnings for channels vary by niche.

But no matter how well your website is doing, forking out $500+ for pricey dedicated server hosting never feels great. And you really don’t need to spend that much, especially if you’re only just making the move up from VPS, cloud or shared hosting. The term ‘unmetered bandwidth’ or ‘unmetered dedicated servers’ or simply ‘unmetered’ ; is the term used to describe bandwidth without any restriction. You can use as much as you want and your speed will not decrease.

But of course, here at Website Builder Expert, we’re all about digging a little deeper. The most common reason that plugins will not load on your Minecraft server is that the version is set to Vanilla. For plugins to work, you need to switch your server version to either Craftbukkit, Spigot or Paper from your server control panel. To add mods to your server you will need to ensure that it’s version is set to Forge. After downloading the mods you would like log into your server panel, then FTP File Access, and get into the mods/ folder. Offsite automatic backups guarantee your data will not be lost due to any bad configurations or hardware failures.

Which allows you to squeeze every ounce of speed out of your website that you can. So, it’s a big ol’ yikes on site speed, but you get automatic WordPress installation and automatic core updates, so your site is always running the most optimized version of WordPress. Site speed is a huge determining factor in search engine ranking and visitor experience. As a beginner, you don’t want to waste time struggling to find information that should be easily available to you. Onboarding Process 3/5 – Bluehost’s checkout process is simple enough and easy to follow.

The Best Web Hosting Services

There is always some cost involved in operating a reliable server with 24/7 uptime. They offer high-performance specs on their game servers and have a good spread of nine data center locations around the globe to choose from. Plans vary depending on resources provided and start at a basic 1GB RAM supporting 12 player slots. Running your own Minecraft server online means that you’ll need the hardware and bandwidth to support it. Unless you own a data center, that means renting space on a server hosted by a web hosting company like Hostinger.

These are often cheaper than other types of plans because you’re sharing a server with other people. Meanwhile, if you want a dedicated server, you’ll need to pay more money. But shared hosting will be sufficient for individuals and small businesses. Hostinger’s single shared hosting solution is an ideal solution for beginners, with the web hosting provider boasting 99.9% uptime guarantee. All other Hostinger plans, including its single shared hosting plan, offer comes with a free SSL certificate.

Is Hosting A Minecraft Server Free?

Which keeps the promotional costs lower than the actual price you’ll end up paying. The first thing to watch for is the cost of add-ons and other features you may need but aren’t included in your hosting plan. This includes things like domain name privacy, email accounts, a domain name, and extra security. And the truth is, they don’t boast about site speed like other providers. That makes GreenGeeks even more enticing as a cheap web host because they do so many other things well along with being blazing fast out of the gate.

cheap server hosting

Data centers around the world provide a nearby location for every customer and great ping for your players. Submit a ReviewPlease share your opinion if you have experience with hosting. Cloud Web HostingReliably high performance hosting that readily adapts to your website’s needs. No, Minecraft is a licensed game that now belongs to Microsoft. There are various versions of it intended for a variety of platforms, but costs vary. For example, basic Minecraft for the Windows platform costs $29.99, while the PS4 version costs $19.99.

Best Cheap Dedicated Server Hostings Of 2022

It’s a great honor for our team to recommend you the cheapest dedicated server hosting. Here you’ll find only very good and reliable companies which are the real representatives of this kind of hosting on our market. These servers are fully compatible with Linux operating systems (it’s important for web developers – PHP, MySQL, Perl…).

There are a lot of dedicated server hostings all over the web and some of them are really cheap. So your question is: “What is the best cheap dedicated server?”. This question is almost always asked. If we talk about web hosting companies, the first thought might be some major web host (i.e. some giant). But there are also some really affordable server hosting that have the most excellent technologies and services.

These top five dedicated server hosting providers offer very cheap plans with a long-term support contract but they’ll have really high-performance servers – high-capacity storage for all databases, SSD (solid-state

Is Wix better than WordPress?

It’s the easiest question to answer, right? Of course, Wix is way easier to use than WordPress. But is it better? The answer is not simply yes or no.

Before I’ll jump to the comparison, let’s check the basics. What are they?

Wix vs WordPress. Both have great sites about how Wix vs WordPress, and all these sites give you the pros and cons of each website builder. Wix is a great platform but is also very affordable. I like the fact that it is easy to get started and is easy to use.

With that being said, they both are great for beginners in the website creation community. Wix is also very user friendly. For any beginner, Wix is great to create websites.

I highly recommend that every beginner starts their career with Wix.

Wix vs WordPress

With that being said, I think that there’s no real

Despite its low price, Cheap Hosting is a perfectly acceptable solution that affordably meets the requirements of most without needing to compromise on quality. In particular, the budget web hosting companies displayed above offer excellent storage capacity, security and value for money. Hostinger is our top pick as Minecraft hosting provider for a number of reasons. The first and foremost is that it is extremely rare to find a host that offers plans specially built to cater for Minecraft hosting. More players and larger maps usually means higher prices, and since Squad is such a large scale multiplayer game, Squad server hosting is usually on the expensive side.

This ensures that only individual virtual machines are affected if there is a program error or contamination during software testing, for example. The other virtual machines or test environments being managed on your dedicated server using a hypervisor remain protected and continue to work uninterrupted. Flexibility – With IONOS, users can rent dedicated servers on demand. There is no minimum contract term, and our services are available within minutes of purchasing. Advanced data center-grade storage technology and the latest generation of processors ensure enhanced server performance, scalability and blazing-fast data access times.

  • Perfect for large servers, modpacks, and public servers, who need the power of the i9-9900K CPU for best-in-class performance.
  • And your website is inexplicably down, you want someone available right away.
  • That’s why ScalaCube’s Minecraft server hosting gives you flexibility on how you want to launch your game and better tools to monitor the people logged into your server.
  • As well as offering plenty of features, most cheap web hosts also provide plenty of affordable subscriptions.
  • Did you have any of experiences with any of the Minecraft hosts?

How Much Ram Do I Need For Minecraft Server?

We walked step-by-step through the setup and felt confident along the way. And, most importantly, we felt any beginner could easily do the same. Second, you also want low overall average response times.

They chat, click, call, and work through all the same steps. There were only two incidents that caused the site to be unavailable. The first was a short, 41-second connection timeout and the other was a 15-minute HTTP 500 internal server error. [newline]Our support experience with A2 felt very hit-or-miss, but nothing exceptionally bad.

Questions and answers on Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting.

Go to the top of our list of the best dedicated hosting providers.
What are cheaper hosting options than dedicated hosting?
Dedicated hosting is the most expensive type of web hosting, by far. If you want to build a WordPress site, check out our round-up of the best WordPress hosting providers for the best performers. VPS hosting is the cheapest option, and shared hosting is the next cheapest. If your site is big enough to need dedicated hosting, we strongly advise you to go with something very expensive. It’ll cause you a lot more trouble in the long run!

HostGator offers the best uptime guarantee for dedicated hosting plans, with 99.99% uptime guaranteed.

HostGator offers the best uptime guarantee, guaranteeing that your site will be online 99.9% of the time. Thats fantastic!

It’s very easy to see which hosting provider is the best for hosting WordPress-based sites.

If you are building a WordPress site, you can use any of the hosts featured in this article. Check out our list of the best WordPress hosting providers to see which one is the best for your site!

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