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Updated: May 10, 2023

But if a server is down for a goes down over 1-2 hours on a single day due to them or the data center partner, they will extend the Billing Cycle for a day due to the troubles. It offers instant setup and one-click Virtual Private Server access. Went Buy Dedicated Servers you have up and running server as soon as you have registered and paid for the account. They do provide alerts in your control panel in case of any downtime or maintenance issue.

buy cheap server hosting

Dedicated servers are mostly used because of their security protocols. Most dedicated servers use dedicated IP to ensure better security protocol. Furthermore, we have a security panel that will take care of your server so that your server does not get any cyber attacks.

Why You Should Buy Vps From Cloudzy: Trust Factors

Our cheap VPS solutions include an intuitive, easy-to-use control panel that puts you in the driving seat. It has a range of advanced features too, so whether you’re chaining together a VPN or you want to set up firewalls and reverse DNS, you can do it without any hassle. VPS is not expensive compared to what most shared hosting servers will offer you. If anyone considers VPS as expensive, then they probably haven’t tasted the awesome benefits it offers.

buy cheap server hosting

It uses SSDs to runs its Minecraft server for faster performance and quicker loading. Fluctis is a hosting service provider that allows you to select a Minecraft plan according to your business needs. They offer plenty of service locations near your area for the best connection reliability and quality. This Minecraft hosting provider offers a 7-day full-refund policy, so if you are not happy with their service, they are happy to refund you. ScalaCube is a Minecraft game hosting site which allows a one-click instant setup. It offers control Panel, which helps you set up an unlimited number of game servers with an unlimited number of slots with a single VPS server.


The cheapest ARK server package I could find was from LOW.MS at $9.80 for 10 slots per month. So for under $10 per month you and 9 friends could be playing a map on the original ARK or a DLC together. The provider should have a successful track record of stability/uptime/reliability.

buy cheap server hosting

CPU Optimized packages are perfect for servers that need that little extra CPU power. These plans provide more CPU capacity and more stability when using more CPU power. Our affordable VPS plans come with a free operating system of your choice, and we mean that. In the unlikely event that you can’t find what you want, simply send us a ticket and we can get you whatever operating system you want. Or you can install it yourself by mounting the ISO file and doing the installation remotely.

Cheapest 100 Players

You select any plan to buy VPS hosting and if at any time you need more resources, you can always scale up. A server that is dedicated to running a copy version of the game that other players can connect to around the clock. Basically, the game allows an open exploration of the full ark that gives the players the ability to choose their own path to survive.

buy cheap server hosting

I look for powerful hosting that will make your database connections fly. You also need to check the overall review of the game hosting provider. This game hosting site provides unlimited storage and bandwidth. 99,9% uptime guarantee on network and data center operations. We are using 2 separate data centers in our major locations with an additional network hub.

<5>Deploy Your Vps Within 55 Seconds!

The cheapest ones are the ones that give you just 1 TB data transfer. Our flexible packages are tailored to suit your needs, so you can get on an even bigger plan which is next to the cheapest already mentioned. The $9.99 plan gives you 2 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD, 2 TB data transfer, and 2 cores.

buy cheap server hosting

They have 24 hours refund policy, so if you don’t like their service, you will get a refund in 24 hours. They do not provide downtime alert for less than a one day time. However, if it is more than this, mail will be sent to the purchaser’s email id. You can install mod packs and plugins right from your control panel. However, they don’t’ provide resolution during the weekends. You would be alerted on your control panel of any issues on your node.

Windows Dedicated Server Hosting Mumbai

Cheap dedicated hosting is best suited to technical users, developers and individuals who have the potential of managing their own servers. Control – Dedicated servers provide unrestricted control to their users. is an authorized Teamspeak 3 hosting provider and we host Teamspeak throughout the world. The VPSServer.Net.In VPS divides a big dedicated server into numerous virtual settings, resulting in increased efficiency. This allows more individuals to share the physical server’s resources.

  • Our customers have complete freedom in choosing which data center they would like their server to be located in.
  • I hope you’ll never have to use A2’s uptime guarantee, but if you do experience any issues, you’ll get a refund for every hour of downtime.
  • That’s why PebbleHost offers an industry-leading gamepanel with everything you need to manage your server.
  • If you’re not completely satisfied, simply cancel within 24 hrs.

Three shared hosting plans are available, with 25 MySQL databases on the basic one and unlimited databases on the other two. ZAP-hosting is one of the largest German game server provides, which offers over 100 games, including Minecraft. This web hosting service provider has servers at worldwide locations in Europe, the USA, South America, Asia, and Australia.

<5>Passion To Provide The Best Rdp Possible

This means you can upload any custom modpacks or JAR files you wish to use, through our gamepanel. Unrivalled performance dedicated just to your server, for a no-compromises hosting experience. We know the availability of your website is your primary concern and so is ours.

buy cheap server hosting

Get 99.9% Uptime Reliability on the FASTEST VPS Hosting from Unihost! They offer the best, most reliable VPS web hosting in the industry! Get 99.9% Uptime Reliability on the FASTEST VPS Hosting from Bluehost!

Hosted In Tier 4 Data Center

To prevent your site from hackers and viruses, many hosting services offer protection like DDoS, Malware detection & removal, firewalls, spam filters, domain name privacy, and many more. These are the most powerful Securities a hosting service can offer. Technical Support–If you take any type of server hosting plan. Our Technical support options will be available on priority. So we always try to help our client and take quick action to solve the client issue as soon as possible.


Websites that require a lot of RAM should avoid shared hosting. As your website expands and you add more material, you will notice a decrease in the time it takes for your website to load. When this happens, it means you’ve reached the maximum of your capacity. You can scale your website without worrying about poor load times if you upgrade to VPSServer.Net.In VPS. Do you frequently get “Service Unavailable,” “50X,” or “Internal Server Error” errors?

Budget Minecraft Hosting

It’s also rarely secured, making your website an easy target for online attackers. It’s better to skip free hosting altogether and instead choose a quality shared hosting plan that offers great value for money like Hostinger. Are you looking for a Cheap Dedicated Server hosting that works on best in class enterprise-grade hardware and provides blazing fast server speeds?

buy cheap server hosting

We understand that connectivity is a vital component of our services. Hence, we operate in tier 4 datacenters with state of the art networking and premium connectivity that guarantees almost 100% uptime. With superior hardware and high-end infrastructure, we are able to promise a 100% uptime. Get the Operating system that you need, we will install any operating system on your dedicated server. Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012, etc. are some of the windows OS, and Coming to Linux OS, you can select Ubuntu Linux.

Can Mysql Databases Be Encrypted?

The hosts I’ve assembled in this list are cheap but also dependable, powerful, and easy to use. The homepage also boasts a 99.9% uptime guarantee, but I was disappointed to see that this promise is not covered by the service level agreement. 30-day money-back guarantee – If you decide to quit the service within the first 30 days, you’ll get your full payment back.

buy cheap server hosting

The entry-level SKU comes with a 7-year-old Ivy Bridge Xeon CPU clocked at 3.5GHz – so yes, it’s old, but still capable of achieving a PassMark score of nearly 9,500 points. This comes with 8GB of RAM, either a 1TB hard disk drive or a 120GB SSD, eight IP addresses , 10TB bandwidth and a choice of operating systems. You get a 4-core Skylake Xeon CPU clocked at 3GHz (Intel Xeon E v6 with a PassMark CPU rating of 7,843 points) housed in a Dell PowerEdge T130. That’s supported by 4GB of RAM, a 1TB hard disk drive plus 10TB bandwidth and a choice of five operating systems .

<5>Get A Cheap Mysql Hosting Service That Can Still Deliver Results

Known worldwide for its wide range of hosting services, HostPapa’s data centers are actually located in the US and Canada. This does mean that projects hosted with HostPapa will be best served to North American visitors, but the included integration with Cloudflare helps with international loading speeds. The experience for those connected will be very lagging as domestic internet connections are not designed for heavy upload speeds. Anvilnode is one of the famous hosting providers for the Minecraft multiplayer game. All their plans include free trials of Enjin, Buycraft, and Minetrends.

buy cheap server hosting

We have a wide range of cheap and Best Dedicated Hosting Servers plan for all type of business profile, which is absolutely fit in your budget. If you need any requirement of Dedicated Server Hosting Plans buys now at a very affordable price. The Cheap Dedicated hosting Server is one of the most important types of hosting service, which offered by server hosting companies.

You can contact us by raising a ticket via our website chat, email, or phone call. In case of any unexpected problem occurs with our Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting, our team will help you get your website back to the way it was before the problem occurred. Unlimited resources – Unlimited storage and bandwidth are provided on all plans, and you get unlimited databases on the Pro plan.

buy cheap server hosting

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